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5 Occasions to Serve Baklava

There are many occasions at which you can serve up a tray of Baklava, but some occasions call for such a sweet treat more specifically than others. As such, here is a list of the 5 best occasions for Baklava, and what makes it such a great dish for them.

For a Birthday

Birthdays are a time for the celebration of a person’s life, and Baklava is a great dish to serve up for the birthday person in question. After all, you could lay out a cake for them, with a few candles and some singing, but if you want to make the occasion truly special, Baklava is the way to go. It’s a sweet treat, that makes enough for every person at the party to have a slice, especially if you’re throwing a birthday party for a child.

At The End of Ramadan

The end of Ramadan is a special time and is celebrated through a three-day festival. And why should you think about serving Baklava for it? Because the end of Ramadan is a time of celebration, and a time of giving back to those around you, and when you take a tray of Baklava out of the oven, there’s going to be enough to go around everyone on your street! It’s a good way to settle the stomach and give back.

For Family Reunions

Often traditionally made when receiving guests, Baklava is a great treat to make when you’re seeing family for the first time in a long while, and could very well make them never want to leave again! It’s a hearty, sweet treat that helps to warm up the atmosphere, and your guests will thank you for laying out such a lovely spread.

At Christmas Time

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays around the world, and if you want to serve a dessert that captures the essence of the season, a plate of Baklava is a great option. And seeing as Christmas is such a special time for a lot of us, why not order your Baklava in specially? At Jamila’s Cookies, our Original Mixed Nut Baklava can be ordered ahead of time for a special occasion, and all of our baked goods are made fresh every day from our London kitchen. We use only the finest and most delicious ingredients, and they’re treating anyone can enjoy, especially if you have a sweet tooth!

On National Baklava Day

Yes, there is in fact a National Baklava Day! Every November 17th, you can break out the Phyllo and the syrup to put together a Baklava of your own making, to celebrate just how much we love this very sweet treat. And seeing as the whole day is dedicated to Baklava, why not make some for tea breaks as well as your after dinner dessert?

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