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New recyclable packaging!

Despite being a small business, we have continuously aimed to take a holistic stance with our products. This means looking at every aspect inside and out, always questioning what we can do better and how? For us, it has always been vital that we use fresh quality ingredients to ensure our customers are getting the best in look, smell, taste and nutritional value. But it doesn’t just stop there.

Being a start-up, it was not possible to fulfil all of our plans for our products right away. However, as we have grown, we have learnt more about doing things better for both our business and our customers. As part of our holistic approach, since the word go, we have been conscience of our carbon footprint with regards to our packaging. We wanted the best of both for ours – packaging that looks good when you open it and that can be disposed of in the right way too!

While our stabilisers prevented us from ticking this box right away. We always had the notion of, if not now - then when? We came up against some curveballs to begin with such as quality, cost and accessibility but we are pleased to announce that with the feedback and support of our customers, a few trials, some errors and research we have been able to make changes to our packaging and will now be moving over to more sustainable packaging. Yay! This means our new standard boxes can be popped in the recycling with the rest of the protective packaging for an extended lease of life somewhere instead of going straight to landfill.

Wait there’s more…

We have also made some adjustments in recent weeks to provide extra padding around our cookies for a more secure delivery.

In addition, we know that many of our customers loved our old cookie boxes and so we have not got rid of them completely, we will now be offering them as gift boxes for occasions when you feel to treat someone special or yourself – just because why not.

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