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What Does Baklava Taste Like?

It’s often said that there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect Baklava’, but there’s definitely a specific taste that a good and hearty Baklava carries with it. And that’s something we’re going to go into detail over below, as Baklava can be a complicated little dish to make if you’re a first-timer!

So if you’re someone who’s curious about the taste of Baklava, or you’re trying to make a set and you’re not sure the flavour profile you’re supposed to be going for, here’s what you need to know.

What is Baklava?

The original baklava recipe has its origins shrouded in a bit of mystery. We know that people have been making it since the 8th century, at the least, and it has a lot in common with Ancient Roman, Greek, and Persian desserts. The word Baklava itself is said to mean ‘piled up’, which denotes the structure of the dessert, something that it is most famous for, alongside its distinctive flavour. In all, Baklava has been a long runner in the baking world and has proved popular with people all over the world.

But what is Baklava? It’s a pastry dessert made out of Phyllo, which is a thin type of pastry that is often layered together to create sweet treats. Once the pastry has been layered together and brushed with plenty of butter, a layer of chopped nuts (such as Pistachios or Walnuts) are placed on top, with another layer of Phyllo placed on top of them. It’s totally up to the maker themselves how many layers of nuts and pastry are actually incorporated into the recipe, but traditionally, about 40 layers of Phyllo are used in the recipe in total.

Just before the pastry is put into the oven, it’s pre-cut into any shape the maker likes, with rectangles being the most popular cut. After being baked, the Baklava is covered in a kind of syrup, usually made up of honey and a bit of desired flavouring (a lot of people opt for orange or vanilla), and then the dessert is served for whatever occasion you’ve cooked it up for!

Baklava is made slightly differently the whole world around, with many different cultures taking an approach of their own to the recipe. After being cut, Baklava can be arranged into shapes like flowers and is most often baked in large trays, guaranteeing huge batches which are often sold at market.

But What Does Baklava Taste Like?

So, now we know how Baklava is made, but what does it taste like? Well, the Baklava taste is incredibly sweet, thanks to just how many sweet ingredients are included in the recipe (as well as the large quantities of these ingredients!), and most people find it to be of a light and airy texture.

Indeed, when it comes to biting into Baklava for the first time, most people don’t expect it to be so sweet and find it hard to handle! And that’s exactly why it’s such a popular dessert; it’s surprising, and it’s a lovely dessert to layout for occasions such as birthdays, or even just as a simple tea time treat.

However, Baklava can also be very dense, and the pastry itself doesn’t have to ‘puff up’ like you would expect something made of Phyllo to do so. The dessert will still be sweet, and when a lot of butter and syrup is used, the pastry itself doesn’t have much room to move. It’s not a fault of the cooking process at all, and you won’t have to chuck the whole tray in the bin!

Baklava can also be a slightly less sweet experience than most people are accustomed to after eating it once or twice, thanks to just how many different regional variants exist out there. The Lebanese recipe, for example, has a more simple syrup used to coat the pastry, and there’s a little less of it too. If you want to try Baklava, but you’re not sure you’d be able to handle the incredible sweetness of the dessert, make sure you opt for this recipe over any others.

And the flavour train of Baklava doesn’t stop there either. The texture can also be quite crunchy, thanks to the amount of nuts included in the recipe. However, the amount of butter baked into the layers helps to make the experience a lot more smooth and a bit more creamy. The nuts included, whether they be Pistachios, Walnuts, or Hazelnuts, can also help to add a bit of hearty flavour to the dessert as well.

And If You Don’t Fancy the Challenge of Making Baklava Yourself

Why not just order some? A batch of Jamila’s Original Mixed Nut Baklava is a great way to sample the taste of Baklava, whether you’re a first-timer or just want to experience a different type of Baklava that you’re used to. You won’t need to warm the dessert up either, as it’s best served at room temperature, and can be eaten straight out of the box.

After all, our baked goods are made freshly every day from our London kitchen, with the finest, most delicious ingredients. And this Mixed Nut Baklava is made to order, either for you or as a treat for someone sweet, and whoever’s biting into it will have the best great coffee break they’ve ever had!

All in all, Baklava is one of the most popular desserts that’s currently enjoyed around the world, and it’s a great staple for those with a sweet tooth or those who just want to enjoy a slice of pure indulgence after a long week at work. Baklava can be bought from us, ensuring plenty of time and love has gone into the making and mixing, or you can try your hand at putting together a tray of Baklava at home.

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