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What does Maamoul taste like?

Maamoul cookies are light, sweet cookies are a traditional Arabic dessert. Made with yeasted semolina, these vanilla and rose-infused cookies are sweet and floral with a decadent and robust centre.

Traditional Maamoul cookies simply melt in the mouth, offering the perfect sweet treat. These little cookies are packed full of flavour, with many people reporting an almost vanilla-like Maamoul taste when biting into them.

The buttery, flakey consistency of these delicious pastries is one of the reasons that they’re so popular. There’s nothing more decadent than a combination of sweet, buttery shortbread and flakey, crisp pastry, is there?

The combination of central fillings also adds to the taste of these little buttery treats; the dates and nuts give the pastries a sweet, creamy flavour. Combined with the buttery consistency of the pastry, these fillings work wonderfully well and taste incredible. The way you prepare the delicious cookie changes the Maamoul taste.

While traditionally walnuts and cashews are used as the nutty filling, you can use any nuts, with some Maamoul featuring pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, or mixed nuts. Using different nuts changes the flavour of the pastry and adds a unique twist to the dish.

Where can you buy Maamoul cookies?

For a glimpse at traditional Maamoul cookies, head to and opt for their Original Date Filled Maamoul Cookies.

Described as, ‘a true staple in the Mediterranean and Middle East. The light cookies are filled with naturally sweetened dates that will melt in your mouth. This means no added sugar, just a dash of rose water’.

Jamila’s Cookies are also vegetarian friendly and are free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Jamila’s Cookies make all of their cookies fresh to order using their own homemade recipe.

Offering delivery across the UK, Jamila’s Cookies offer the perfect place to order traditional Maamoul from as a tasty treat.

What are Maamoul cookies?

Maamoul cookies are a form of Middle Eastern shortbread-style pastry that are usually filled with a combination of dates and nuts. Maamoul cookies are traditionally served during religious celebrations and holidays, such as Eid, Christmas, and Easter as a delicious sweet treat, perfect for enjoying with a cup of traditional Middle Eastern tea.

How are Maamoul cookies made?

These shortbread-style pastries are normally created by hand or are formed using specially designed wooden moulds, which allows for the cookies to be created in a wide range of different shapes, such as crescent cookies, dome cookies, or flattened cookies.

Where do Maamoul cookies originate from?

Sources show that Maamoul cookies are traditional to the Levantine region in the Middle East and are usually wonderfully buttery cookies that melt in the mouth and are naturally sweetened with dates. These unique cookies are traditionally served at Christmas, Easter, and Eid and other important religious holidays.

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