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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Established in 2020, Jamila’s Cookies is your authentic source for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern confectionery treats. While we may be relatively new to the business field, our traditional methods have stood the test of time and our recipes have been handed down for generations.

With every bite, we strive to share the decadent taste and magnificent melt-in-your-mouth texture of our sweet treats. Our all-time favourite Baklava and Maamoul Cookies are what put us on the map, but there’s more to the taste of our speciality baked goods, which we will continue to share from our professional central kitchen based in Wembley, North West London.

Using the finest and most delicious ingredients, our baked delights are made fresh every day and delivered straight to your door. We also offer free delivery on all orders, so you and your loved ones can satisfy your sweet cravings.


Our Commitment to Quality

As a small business, we are fully committed to creating the most phenomenal sweets at our bakery in North West London. It is our mission and passion to maintain the same level of perfection in every bite that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

We put a premium on using only the best ingredients, often locally sourced for great quality, as well as to maintain traditional methods of making not just Maamoul Cookies and Baklava, but all the sweet treats we offer.

By utilising locally sourced ingredients, we can also support other small businesses and invigorate our local economy. Most importantly, we are able to do our part in saving the environment by reducing our overall carbon footprint.

At Jamila’s Cookies, we pay great attention to tradition, fresh ingredients, rich flavours, and delectable baked treats for our customers.


A One-of-a-Kind Mediterranean Bakery

Jamila’s Cookies offers an incredible array of traditional Mediterranean confections designed to cater to every palette. We believe that enjoying something sinfully good doesn’t have to mean being unhealthy. At Jamila’s Cookies,​ we guarantee that all of our baked delights have NO preservatives and NO artificial colours or flavours.

As a business that specialises in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern baked goods, we always keep all kinds of customers in mind by honouring individuals with dietary requirements, health concerns, or potential sensitivities. There’s a perfect dessert that will thrill and suit every palate, which is why we make a point to consider all types of customers with whom we could share the delightfulness of our baked goods.

Our promise to deliver the best-tasting treats doesn’t stop at our Baklava and Maamoul Cookies. We have been hard at work to find new ways to create desserts that will broaden the appreciation for authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fare.

Our customers can then expect a new and exciting range of products from our online bakery soon.

The Jamila’s Cookies Experience

The mouthwatering magic at Jamila’s Cookies explores the exquisitely decadent to the mindfully healthy. Each confectionery can be the perfect companion for any after-dinner treat or a hot cup of tea or coffee.

May your heart stay sweet, your spirit adventurous, and your baked goods plentiful!

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