About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Established in 2020 and founded in London, Jamila’s Cookies is your connection to the cultural confectionary delight of Maamoul Cookies, a traditional treat of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent. Crafted from luxury ingredients and using traditional methods and recipes that have been passed down for generations, Jamila’s Cookies is the online bakery that delivers our one-of-a-kind, delectable, and delicious Maamoul Cookies made from scratch and delivered straight to your door.


As a small business, we are fully committed to creating our sweet treats with only the best ingredients, often locally sourced.  We believe that the best cookies in the world can only be made from the best ingredients in the world – and in the world of baking, the freshest and most luxurious ingredients often make the most phenomenal sweets. We also believe that by utilising locally sourced ingredients, we are able to help support other small businesses, invigorate our local economy, and also do our part to save the environment by reducing our overall carbon footprint.


Jamila’s Cookies is committed to crafting incredible traditional Maamoul Cookies designed to delight every palette.  For those who have not yet experienced the unique and magnificent melt-in-your-mouth texture of Maamoul Cookies, the Jamila’s Cookies experience can truly be life-altering.  While specifically creating traditional Maamoul Cookies, we also create sweets that honour individuals with dietary requirements, health concerns, or potential sensitivities. At Jamila’s Cookies, we are proudly committed to creating delectable desserts and sweets that will thrill every customer.  With cookies ranging from exquisitely decadent to mindfully healthy, we truly believe we have the perfect companion for any after dinner treat, or perfect pairing with a hot cup of tea or coffee.


And so, we welcome you to Jamila’s Cookies.  May your heart stay sweet, your spirit stays adventurous, and your cookies be plentiful.  We look forward to sharing our beautiful traditional sweet treats and cookies with you and those you love.